30 May 2023 – Wessex Water Services Limited fined for drinking water offence 

The Drinking Water Inspectorate has issued a press release after sentencing took place in the case taken by the Inspectorate against Wessex Water Services Limited. At Swindon Magistrates court on 30 May 2023, Wessex Water Services Limited was fined £280,000 plus a £190 victim surcharge. Costs of £21,656.60 were agreed out of court.

Wessex Water Services Limited pleaded guilty to an offence under section 70 of the Water Industry Act 1991 for the supply of water unfit for human consumption. The Inspectorate was critical that the company did not correctly follow their own internal testing procedures which would have identified the presence of the taste causing compounds. There were some issues reported with the communication given to consumers and provision of alternative water supplies. Read Press Release.

Published 30 May 2023
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