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Prosecution of a supply owner for not complying with a regulation 18 notice.


A private water supply with restriction of use advice in place for three years.

Three private supplies used for public activities.


A private supply discovered during CoViD-19 restrictions.

Discovery of an onward distribution private water supply during CoViD-19 pandemic restrictions (Regulation 8).

Improving a large supply (Regulation 9).

Lack of risk assessment on a historic Regulation 9 supply.




2019/05 (PDF 786KB)

2019/05 (html)

Classification of an historic private supply

2019/04 (PDF 56KB)

2019/04 (html)

Regulation 9 Supply Undertaking Maintenance

2019/03 (PDF 158KB)

2019/03 (html)

Multiple uses of a private water supply

2019/02 (PDF 73KB) 

2019/02 (html)

Establishing what constitutes a private water supply

2019/01 (PDF 80KB)

2019/01 (html)

Identification of a Regulation 8 supply and successful joint working




2018/06 (PDF 301KB)

2018/06 (html)

Section 80 Notice appeal

2018/05 (PDF 127KB)

2018/05 (html)

Long standing water quality contamination

2018/04 (PDF 166KB) 

2018/04 (html)

Change of supply for long-term remediation

2018/03 (PDF 58KB) 

2018/03 (html)

Private water supply dispute and disconnection threat

2018/02 (PDF 362KB)

2018/02 (html)

Prosecution for non-compliance of Regulation 18 Notice

2018/01 (PDF 105KB) 

2018/01 (html)

Rainwater harvesting private water supply




2017/05 (PDF 56KB)

2017/05 (html)

 Faecal contamination of a supply

2017/04 (PDF 79KB)

2107/04 (html)

Investigation of unusual taste and odour

2017/03 (PDF 53KB)

2017/03 (html)

Water quality affected by external quarrying activities

2017/02 (PDF 64KB)

2017/02 (html)

Dispute between relevant persons on a large Regulation 8 supply

2017/01 (PDF 76KB)

2017/01 (html)

Unsubstantiated report of illness from consumption of a private supply




2016/03 (PDF 63KB)

2016/03 (html)

 Private supplies in salad growing nurseries

2016/02 (PDF 115KB)

2016/02 (html)

Successful prosecution of a relevant person for noncompliance with a Regulation 18 Notice

2016/01 (PDF 83KB) 

2016/01 (html)

Change of status of a Regulation 8 supply




2015/08 (PDF 3442KB)

2015/08 (html)

Risks associated with change of use from a supply for non-domestic purposes to domestic purposes

2015/07 (PDF 499KB)

2015/07 (html)

An outbreak of Escherichia coli 0157 infection amongst users of a private water supply when staying in holiday accommodation

2015/06 (PDF 104KB)

2015/06 (html)

Inappropriate use of a private supply by a food business can give rise to substantive economic, reputational and regulatory costs

2015/05 (PDF 94KB) 

2015/05 (html)

Reinforcing the challenges associated with identifying Regulation 8 supplies and the importance of fully understanding the Regulations to ensure the correct response during an investigation

2015/04 (PDF 172KB)

2015/04 (html)

Further evidence of farms as a category of premises at high risk of causing water to be unsafe as a consequence of unsuitable water supply arrangements

2015/03 (PDF 74KB) 

2015-03 (html)

Identification of a new Regulation 8 supply, and the need for local authorities and water companies to adopt a joint approach

2015/02 (PDF 75KB) 

2015/02 (html)

Consequences of a lack of procedures, site schematic or communication about the operating regime for a private water supply

2015/01 (PDF 256KB)

2015/01 (html)

Cross connection with a public supply




2014/14 (PDF 112KB)

2014/14 (html)

Treatment requirements at a public buildingcross connection with a public supply

2014/13 (PDF 105KB)

2014/13 (html)

What constitutes a ‘commercial premises’ within the context of the legislation?

2014/12 (PDF 104KB)

2014/12 (html)

Action in the event of a failure at a single domestic dwelling

2014/11 (PDF 125KB)

2014/11 (html)

 Illegal connection

2014/10 (PDF 119KB) 

2014/10 (html)

Remediation of a Regulation 9 borehole supply leading to the creation of a new Regulation 8 supply – an exception to the guidance on Regulation 8 supplies?

2014/09 (PDF 98KB)

2014/09 (html)

Disconnection of a supply

2014/08 (PDF 115KB) 

2014/08 (html)

Dealing with common enforcement challenges: as illustrated by a case of a Regulation 18 Notice served on a large private supply to a school

2014/07 (PDF 90KB)

2014/07 (html)

Change of use from non-domestic to domestic purposes at a public building

2014/06 (PDF 284KB) 

2014/06 (html)

Successful prosecution of a relevant person for non-compliance with a Regulation 18 Notice

2014/05 (PDF 92KB) 

2014/05 (html)

The objective and purpose of Regulation 8

2014/04 (PDF 102KB)

2014/04 (html)

Deershed Festival

2014/03 (PDF 130KB)

2014/03 (html)

Determining the validity of historic agreements concerning the source of a private water supply

2014/02 (PDF 140KB)

2014/02 (html)

Classification of tourist springs and wholesomeness issues

2014/01 (PDF 208KB)

2014/01 (html)

Verifying that improvement have been made to a village suppl




2013/21 (PDF 55KB)

2013/21 (html)

An example of a simple, but effective, regime for managing a private supply serving a public building

2013/20 (PDF 88KB)

2013/20 (html)

Exercising the power to enhance monitoring as a means of overcoming obdurate owners

2013/19 (PDF 164KB) 

2013/19 (html)

Water safety plan approach to improving the safety of a private supply

2013/18 (PDF 55KB)

2013/18 (html)

Private supplies require active management to ensure they are safe

2013/17 (PDF 59KB) 

2013/17 (html)

Illness reported by a visitor to a holiday cottage where the multi-barrier approach to water treatment had not been followed

2013/16 (PDF 55KB)

2013/16 (html)

 Are local authority records of private supplies being taken into account proactively and beneficially during planning and housing decisions?

2013/15 (PDF 60KB)

2013/15 (html)

Realising wider benefits from local authority private supply data returns

2013/14 (PDF 118KB)

2013/14 (html)

 Land agents – a sectorial group in need of water safety information?

2013/13 (PDF 190KB)

2013/13 (html)

The challenge of keeping private water supply records up to date – a joint local authority and water company task

2013/12 (PDF 125KB)

2013/12 (html)

Deciding whether a situation comprises a public or a private water supply

2013/11 (PDF 55KB)

2013/11 (html)

Regulation 8 supplies: out of sight out of mind?

2013/10 (PDF 60KB)

2013/10 (html)

Managing the risk to private supplies from chemical spills

2013/09 (PDF 63KB)

2013/09 (html)

Magistrates dismiss an appeal by a private supply owner against a Regulation 18 Notice

2013/08 (PDF 59KB) 

2013/08 (html)

The public health value of keeping records of private supplies whether or not these are used for domestic purposes

2013/07 (PDF 144KB) 

2013/07 (html)

Further evidence of farms as a category of premises at high risk of causing water to be unsafe as a consequence of unsuitable water supply arrangements

2013/06 (PDF 192KB)

2013/06 (html)

Case of E.coli 0157 associated with a private supply to a rented property

2013/05 (PDF 60KB)

2013/05 (html)

Enforcement action where covenants exist

2013/04 (PDF 59KB)

2013/04 (html)

Options for dealing with non-compliance with a Notice

2013/03 (PDF 65KB)

2013/03 (html)

Commissioning of a private supply to a large hospital

2013/02 (PDF 84KB) 

2013/02 (html)

The risk to water safety posed by eco-building design and the absence of effective procedures for scrutiny of the water supply aspects of planning applications

2013/01 (PDF 186KB) 

2013/01 (html)

Why having regard to Regulation 5 is preventative and will save costly complex investigations and remedies




2012/10 (PDF 121KB) 

2012/10 (html)

Local authority successful in an appeal against a Regulation 18 Notice

2012/09 (PDF 186KB)

2012/09 (html)

Improving the safety and sustainability of a failing rural community water supply in a cost effective manner

2012/08 (PDF 59KB)

2012/08 (html)

Oil contamination of a private supply

2012/07 (PDF 59KB)

2012/07 (html)

Risk to a domestic water supply from another supply used for non- domestic purposes on a commercial premises

2012/06 (PDF 153KB)

2012/06 (html)

Repetition of illness among seasonal workers at a fruit farm associated with mismanagement of the domestic and non-domestic water supply arrangements on the premises

2012/05 (PDF 59KB)

2012/05 (html)

Effective collaboration between a local authority and a water company to resolve a sufficiency problem with a Regulation 8 supply

2012/04 (PDF 60KB)

2012/04 (html)

Appeal against a Section 80 Notice

2012/03 (PDF 54KB)

2012/03 (html)

Borehole risk assessment

2012/02 (PDF125KB)

2012/02 (html)

 Contamination event due to insufficient source protection

2012/01 (PDF 150KB)

2012/01 (html)

Conflict of interests in relation to a failing private supply located in a local authority’s area where the relevant person (owner and manager) is the local authority




2011/12 (PDF 150KB)

2011/12 (html)

Prohibition of disconnection and securing the sufficiency of private supplies

2011/11 (PDF 150KB)

2011/11 (html)

The implications of not establishing that a laboratory is accredited and using only an approved or authorised method of analysis

2011/10 (PDF 150KB)

2011/10 (html)

Consumer complaint of illness highlighting an inadequate approach to maintenance by the owner

2011/09(PDF 150KB) 

2011/09 (html)

Use of a Notice to secure the safety of a private supply through improved management arrangements

2011/08 (PDF 248KB)

2011/08 (html)

Unsatisfactory water quality as a consequence of using an unapproved treatment system

2011/07 (PDF 103KB)

2011/07 (html)

Change of use of a private supply from a single domestic dwelling to a food premises

2011/06 (PDF 101KB)

2011/06 (html)

Lead in drinking water, the overlooked health risk in small domestic private supplies?

2011/05 (PDF 401KB)

2011/05 (html)

Best practice in relation to co-regulation of drinking water safety at premises by water companies and local authorities

2011/04 (PDF 103KB)

2011/04 (html)

Use of Environment Agency data to inform audit monitoring

2011/03 (PDF 168KB)

2011/03 (html)

Effective application of the Private Supply Regulations to benefit tourism and the local economy

2011/02 (PDF 102KB)

2011/02 (html)

The need for a multi-barrier approach for a small surface water supply

2011/01 (PDF 102KB)

2011/01 (html)

Deficiencies with a newly constructed borehole




2010/08 (PDF 251KB) 

2010/08 (html)

Spring supply serving a bed and breakfast business – mandatory action

2010/07 (PDF 213KB)

2010/07 (html)

Surface water supply to a public building with accommodation – Risk assessment

2010/06 (PDF 118KB)

2010/06 (html)

Failure of a borehole supply serving a public building

2010/05 (PDF 295KB) 

2010/05 (html)

Failure of a borehole supply serving rented property

2010/04 (PDF 101KB)

2010/04 (html)

Arsenic in the supply to a holiday cottage – technical support and advice

2010/03 (PDF 116KB)

2010/03 (html)

Spring supply to rented property – risk assessment and Notice

2010/02 (PDF 101KB)

2010/02 (html)

Spring supply to a holiday cottage – benefit of risk assessment

2010/01 (PDF 169KB)

2010/01 (html)

Small domestic surface water supply – Risk assessment and Notice

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