Regulation 8 Assessments



2019/01 (PDF 80KB)

Identification of a Regulation 8 supply and successful joint working

2017/02 (PDF 64KB)

Dispute between relevant persons on a large Regulation 8 supply

2016/01 (PDF 83KB)

Change of status of a Regulation 8 supply

2015/05 (PDF 94KB)

Reinforcing the challenges associated with identifying Regulation 8 supplies and the importance of fully understanding the Regulations to ensure the correct response during an investigation

2015/03 (PDF 74KB) 

Identification of a new Regulation 8 supply, and the need for local authorities and water companies to adopt a joint approach

2014/13 (PDF 105KB)

What constitutes a ‘commercial premises’ within the context of the legislation?

2014/10 (PDF 119KB) 

Remediation of a Regulation 9 borehole supply leading to the creation of a new Regulation 8 supply – an exception to the guidance on Regulation 8 supplies?

2014/05 (PDF 92KB)

The objective and purpose of Regulation 8

2013/11 (PDF 55KB)

Regulation 8 supplies: out of sight out of mind?

2012/08 (PDF 59KB)

Oil contamination of a private supply

2012/05 (PDF 59KB)

Effective collaboration between a local authority and a water company to resolve a sufficiency problem with a Regulation 8 supply

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