Serving Notices



2018/06 (PDF 301KB) 

Section 80 Notice appeal

2018/05 (PDF 129KB)

Long standing water quality contamination

2018/04 (PDF 167KB)

Change of supply for long-term remediation

2018/03 (PDF 58KB) 

Private water supply dispute and disconnection threat

2018/01 (PDF 105KB) 

Rainwater harvesting private water supply

2016/03 (PDF 63KB) 

Private supplies in salad growing nurseries

2016/02 (PDF 115KB) 

Successful prosecution of a relevant person for noncompliance with a Regulation 18 Notice

2014/08 (PDF 115KB)

Dealing with common enforcement challenges: as illustrated by a case of a Regulation 18 Notice served on a large private supply to a school

2013/14 (PDF 118KB)

Land agents – a sectorial group in need of water safety information?

2013/05 (PDF 60KB)

Enforcement action where covenants exist

2013/04 (PDF 59KB)

Options for dealing with non-compliance with a Notice

2011/11 (PDF 150KB)

The implications of not establishing that a laboratory is accredited and using only an approved or authorised method of analysis

2011/09 (PDF 150KB)

Use of a Notice to secure the safety of a private supply through improved management arrangements

2011/03 (PDF 168KB)

Effective application of the Private Supply Regulations to benefit tourism and the local economy

2011/02 (PDF 102KB) 

The need for a multi-barrier approach for a small surface water supply

2010/06 (PDF 118KB)

Failure of a borehole supply serving a public building

2010/03 (PDF 116KB)

Spring supply to rented property – Risk assessment and Notice

2010/01 (PDF 169KB)

Small domestic surface water supply – Risk assessment and Notice

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