Record keeping and Reporting

Record Keeping

Regulation 14 (Regulation 16 Wales) requires local authorities to maintain a record of the total number of private water supplies within its area.

Regulation 14

This record should include the following basic information:

  • the name of the supply
  • the type of source
  • an estimate of the number of people
  • an estimate of the average daily volume of water supplied in cubic metres
  • the type of premises supplied
  • detail of any treatment process
  • the name of the HPU in whose area the supply is located

In addition it should also include:

  • a copy of the most recent risk assessment
  • the monitoring programme for the supply
  • any notice served on the supply (and whether that notice has been revoked)
  • sample results
  • any further information relating to the supply


Local authorities are required to provide certain information relating to private water supplies to the Secretary of State and Welsh Ministers (in practice the DWI). This submission of data is due on 31 January of every year, for records relating to supplies in their area during the previous calendar year.

The information required to be submitted by local authorities is set out in the following three Annexes as follows;

Annex 1

This is a blank excel file, which contains the following four worksheets that should be completed with data on all private water supplies in the local authority area, as follows:

i) [Contacts Worksheet] – All local authorities should provide relevant contact details, including where: (a); a local authority does not have any private water supplies; (b); a local authority only has private distribution systems and there is no other information available on these supplies at the time of making the data submission

ii) [Details Worksheet] – Details of each private supply including private distribution systems (where the details are known). The full details of single domestic dwellings should be included, whether or not samples or risk assessments have been carried out.

iii) [Data Worksheet] – Test results for each sample taken from a private supply (including private distribution systems) from the 1 January to 31 December of the same year.

iv) [Total Single Domestic Dwellings Worksheet] – A total number of single domestic dwellings in the local authority’s area.

Guidance on additional columns

Annex 2

Annex 3

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