Guidance Documents

Information Notes

The Inspectorate has produced a number of Information Notes which provide further guidance around the individual Regulations.

PWS Regulations (England)

PWS Regulations (Wales)

General guidance documents:

  • Action that can be taken in relation to a private supply which does not comply with the nitrate standard.
  • The WHO Technical Brief: Boil Water sets out the science behind a boil water notice.
  • PWS Schematics provides examples of catchment and site plans that should be kept.
  • Flowchart on deciding types of supplies in England (excluding Regulation 8 supplies).
  • Flowchart on deciding types of supplies in Wales (excluding Regulation 8 supplies).
  • Training examples and case studies to assist local authorities in the identification of Regulation 8 supplies.

Templates and worked examples

The information required to be submitted by local authorities is set out in the following three Annexes:

  • Annex 1: An Excel file containing local authority data

  • Annex 2: Worked example

Annex 2: Worked example

  • Annex 3 Worksheet Specification
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