Publication of research report “Method for the  Determination of Concentrations of Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Drinking Water”

The DWI initiated research into fully quantitative analytical methods for 20 PFAS for use in testing drinking water in 2020, and the Method has now been published. The method development was challenging, at the very sensitive levels selected for this project. The lowest spike selected (0.5ng/L) is 0.5% of the European Standard for individual PFAS compounds. Therefore whilst the method meets required standards for the Standing Committee of Analysis for short chain PFAS the method is sub-optimal for long chain PFAS and further method developments for consideration with long-chain PFAS are included in the Appendices.

The DWI are continuing to work with the industry on development of a method for the full list of 47 PFAS that are of interest.

The Method developed provides learning opportunities for laboratories interested in analysing for PFAS in potable and natural waters when developing their own methods.

Published 27 September 2022
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