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Southern Water fined for drinking water offence

At a sentencing hearing today in Newport Crown Court, Southern Water was fined a total of £65,000 and additional costs of £44,620.99 were awarded.

On 27 July 2018, Southern Water pleaded guilty to supplying water unfit for human consumption from Cooks Castle service reservoir between 31 January and 12 February 2013.

The charge was brought by the Drinking Water Inspectorate and in response, Marcus Rink, Chief Inspector of Drinking Water said ‘Following a lengthy investigation which commenced in 2016, a previously undisclosed and significant water quality incident from 2013 was uncovered where there was a failure to protect consumers. Flagrant disregard for regulatory duties and consumer protection will always result in action by the Inspectorate in the public interest’.

Published 10 August 2018
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