Thames Water Utilities Ltd fined for drinking water offences

At Stratford Magistrates’ Court today, Thames Water Utilities Ltd was fined £160,000 and additional costs of £79,839.68 were agreed. A victims’ surcharge of £120.00 was applied.

The fine is in respect of three offences arising from two events in February and July 2017 when there were failures in the disinfection of drinking water at Coppermills Water Treatment Works situated in Walthamstow, London.

No consumers were harmed by either event.

The charges were brought by the Drinking Water Inspectorate under Regulation 26(1)(a), Regulation 26(1)(b), Regulation 26(4) and Regulation 33(1) of the Water Supply (Water quality) Regulations 2016.

In response, Marcus Rink, Chief Inspector of Drinking Water said ‘

‘Whilst these events did not result in impact or harm to any consumers, Coppermills water treatment works suffered loss of control of key treatment processes on two occasions in 2017. Thames Water have experienced a number of similar incidents at other works which have led to repeated recommendations since 2014. Recommendations on training, procedures, maintenance must be acted upon to reduce current and future risks. It is undoubtedly in the public interest to bring this prosecution for a strategic works which contributes to the supply of over two million consumers in Greater London.’

Published 10 June 2019
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