Drinking Water Quality – Advisory Standards Board

The Standards Board will use science and evidence to make recommendations to Ministers for future updates to standards where there are new and emerging contaminants, updated toxicological data and other areas where standards may be improved in order to protect public health and improve confidence in drinking water.

The Standards Board will comprise a chair and 8 board members recruited for their knowledge and technical expertise, the Drinking Water Inspectorate will provide the secretariat function and undertake the administrative roles to ensure the board can operate efficiently. The current board membership is listed below for transparency.

The Standards Board will operate in an open and transparent fashion, decisions on parameters to be recommended for inclusion in the regulations will be recorded and published in the Board decisions and meeting minutes.

The Standards Board will operate in a 5 yearly legislative review cycle and will set the main agenda for items to consider at the start of this cycle. A list of parameters for consideration will be published so that water companies can assess what data they currently hold and undertake risk assessments against future standards to help inform the Standards Board’s decision. Should any emerging parameter become a concern during this review cycle then the board will add it into the list for prioritisation.

The Standards Board wishes to work with the water Industry to ensure that the recommendations are practical, deliverable and will ensure public health is protected.

Current Board membership

Board MemberBiography & Expertise
Interim Chair – Ann BuntingEU Exit
Martin BirdStanding Committee of Analysts
Dr Sarah FaneDWI Research Programme Manager
UK Health Security Agency representatives
External Vacancy
External Vacancy
External Vacancy
External Vacancy
Secretariat – Tim WilliamsDrinking Water Treatment and Water Quality
Defra representative – Imogen WignallDrinking Water Quality Policy

Current list of parameters of Interest

ParameterBrief Details
Chlorite / chlorate​
Haloacetic acids
Endocrine disruptors
Microbiological indicators
Discolouration metals
Desalination minerals

Board decisions and meeting minutes

Meeting dateAgreed minutesDecision on parameters for recommendation
23 March 2023
22 June 2023
21 September 2023
14 December 2023

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