A report by the Chief Inspector of drinking water

The Drinking Water Inspectorate annual report Drinking water 2014 provides an overview of the quality of public and private water supplies in England and Wales. It comprises of the following:

Public water supplies – regional reports

The regional reports cover four regions of England and additionally Wales and summarise the testing and results of water quality tests, events and technical audit activity in the region.

Private water supplies

Presented as separate reports for England and Wales and publishing numbers and types of supplies, a summary of monitoring results and case studies.


Company data look up tables

Albion Water

Anglian Water

Bristol Water

Southern Water

SSE Water

Thames Water

Wessex Water

Yorkshire Water

Water company statistics (PDF 671KB)

Drinking water quality events in 2014 (PDF 1MB)

Prosecution and Cautions (PDF 148KB)

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