The Drinking Water Inspectorate provide information and advice to consumers on the quality of drinking water.

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New website for customers to see how their water companies are performing

Customers can now quickly and easily see how their water company is performing and compare it to other companies. The information can be found on and has a comprehensive range of data covering water quality, public health, customer service and environmental aspects of water and sewerage services. Discover Water is a collaborative project. Led and funded by water companies, it has been delivered by an independent third party and overseen by a sector-wide group, including the sector’s regulators and consumer watchdog. The information used on Discover Water is already separately published by water companies, Ofwat, Defra, Drinking Water Inspectorate, Environment Agency and the CCW.

Top tips for saving water

Water UK’s Water’s Worth Saving campaign provides top-tips and advice on saving water to improve the efficiency of your home and garden, reduce your energy bills, help fight climate change and preserve one of our most precious resources