Publication of research on Long-term Strategies to Reduce Lead Exposure from Drinking Water

As a part of our ongoing research programme the Inspectorate commissioned a review of the currently available evidence on lead in drinking water and the possible long term strategies to reduce exposure.

A range of scenarios has been costed, using the latest knowledge of the health effects of lead.  These have been modelled and their valuation has been estimated. The review has sought to use least cost modelling to define technical options of these scenarios and their costs and benefits. 

This fills an important knowledge gap and provides critical information on costs and benefits of lead pipe replacement, which will inform future government policy. Current water conditioning measures to protect the public are considered unsustainable in the long term, and this research adds weight to the case for taking action now.

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Below is the recording of the webinar delivered on 26/01/21 highlighting the key findings

A recording of webinar delivered on 26/01/21 highlighting the key findings from DWI research on long term strategies for reducing lead exposure from drinking water.
Published 10 February 2021
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