Treatment Guide

The type and design of any treatment methods used to treat raw water will depend on the properties of the water and the presence and concentrations of any contaminants. It is therefore important to choose equipment, suppliers and consultants carefully. Purchasers of water treatment plant and supplies should:

  • ensure that potential suppliers are aware of the size and nature of the water supply
  • confirm that potential suppliers can supply and install (if required) equipment suitable and approved for use with private water supplies
  • establish whether suppliers can provide references relating to similar projects
  • if practicable inspect other, similar, installations
  • ensure that instructions for use and ongoing management and maintenance requirements of the equipment are provided

When choosing a method of treatment there are a number of questions (see Question Checklist) you should ask an installer to help you verify the suitability of the system for your needs and the capability of the installation company. To aid these discussions the treatment comparison guide provides all the relevant information to ensure the correct system is installed relevant to the type of treatment that is required

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