What’s new in private water supplies?

On this page are highlighted changes to the private water supplies section of the DWI website, as well as other updates related to private water supplies.

Such changes include new or amended guidance, tools, and case studies.

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Statement: Northumberland County Council have succeeded in prosecuting a private water supply owner for non-compliance with a regulation 18 notice. On 1 February 2024, the defendant pleaded guilty at Newcastle Magistrates Court to charges in contravention of The Private Water Supplies (England) Regulations, 2016 (as amended).

5 February 2024


Update: regulation 8 guidance updated. The scope of regulation 8 has been clarified. Please refer to the information note page and the question and answer page.

31 January 2024

Information note on regulation 8 (revised version)

Regulation 8 – Questions and Answers

Update: regulation 6 guidance updated. The local authority is explicitly responsible for the risk assessment and actions taken as a result of it, regardless of contractor involvement.

3 January 2024

Information note on Regulation 6 (England)

Information note on Regulation 6 (Wales)

Nodyn gwybodaeth ar Reoliad 6 (Cymru)

Update: new version (V2.05) of risk assessment tool covering private supplies used for toilet flushing only has been published. Some columns were erroneously flagging as ‘very high’ risk upon entering ‘N/A’.

22 December 2023

See all risk assessment tools

Download risk assessment tool for toilet flushing (V2.05)

New case study: deficiencies in the quality and sufficiency of water supplies on new housing developments.

22 December 2023

Read case study

Index of case studies

New case study: a complaint from a consumer about a local authority not discharging its duty under the regulations.

22 December 2023

Read case study

Index of case studies

New case study: difficulties in securing funding to remediate a long term failing private water supply.

21 December 2023

Read case study

Index of case studies

New guidance: this new guidance page covers supplies accessible to the public, including waterspouts, fountains, and heritage supplies.

21 December 2023

Read guidance on publicly accessible supplies 

Data return documents covering the 2023 calendar year can be downloaded from our website. They are due for submission to the Inspectorate via the portal by 31 January 2024.

17 October 2023

Data return documents 

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