Indicative Compliance Risk Index England and Wales

Dashboard Caption: Indicative Compliance Risk Index for England and Wales (year to date) using real time data. Isles of Scilly removed from graph however index included on company table.

These dashboards display the industry compliance risk index score for the year to date as a whole and separately for England and in Wales. The graphics provides a visual presentation of the compliance risk index score for the year to date across the water companies operating in England and Wales.

The compliance risk index score is a performance measure that assesses compliance across the water companies operating in England and Wales based on regulated water quality parameters in the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2016 (as amended) [England] and 2018 [Wales]. The index is a tool designed to illustrate the risk arising from treated water compliance failures and it aligns with the current risk-based approach to regulation of water supplies used by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

Compliance risk index includes elements relating to:

– the significance of the parameter failing the standards in the Regulations (the Parameter score)

– the cause of the failure; the manner of the investigation of the failure by the company; and any mitigation put in place by the company (the Assessment score)

– the location of the failure within the supply system taking into account the proportion of the company’s consumers affected

The purpose of these dashboards is to provide an indicative representation of the year to date compliance risk index score. The scores may be subject to change following final validation and quality assurance checks at year end. The dashboard includes data from all assessed compliance breaches year to date and at any one time there may be outstanding breach assessments that are not included within the compliance risk index scores displayed. Any compliance breaches that are linked to a legal instrument upon data submission will automatically show on the graphic and therefore contribute to the observed year to date score. The Drinking Water Inspectorate is providing this dashboard as a means of supporting the performance reporting requirements water companies are required to complete. The Inspectorate will not engage in final score discussions until all year end validation and quality checks are completed.

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