Northumbrian Water Limited Improvement Programmes


Rickinghall works NES-2021-00007

Layer works ESK-2019-00003

Lead Strategy NNE 3279

Murton works NNE 3919

Fowberry works NNE-2018-00001

Teesdale Discolouration NNE-2018-00002

Discolouration NNE-2018-00003

Mosswood works NNE-2019-00002

Regulation 26 monitor upgrades NNE-2019-00003

Whittle Dene works NES-2020-00002

Resilience and power supply at Mosswood works NES-2020-00006

Lumley works NES-2020-00008

Service Reservoirs and Treated Water Tanks NES-2020-00011

Hazard Review NES-2021-00002

Byrness works NES-2021-00005

Procedures and Documentation NES-2021-00001


Surface Water Catchments metaldehyde NES-2020-00005


Notice Reference: ESK-2018-00002

Notice Reference: NES-2021-00008

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