South East Water Improvement Programmes


Burwash water supply zone SEW 3582

Cuckfield water supply zone SEW 3583

Halling water supply zone SEW 3598

Barcombe Mills Works SEW-2018-00004

Saddlescombe works SEW-2018-00003

Sheet works SEW-2018-00005

Clayton works SEW-2018-00007

Ford works SEW-2018-00009

Godmersham works SEW-2018-00010

Halling GS works SEW-2018-00011

Howfield works SEW-2018-00012

Ospringe 1 works SEW-2018-00013

Ospringe 2 works SEW-2018-00014

Woodgarston works SEW-2018-00015

Maidenhead supply system SEW-2018-00016

Loose service reservoir SEW-2020-00003

Tank Inspection Programme SEW-2021-00007


Bulk Supplies metaldehyde and total pesticides SEW-2020-00004

Catchment metaldehyde and total pesticides SEW-2019-00001


Notice Reference: SEW-2021-00006

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