Southern Water Improvement Programmes

Enforcement Orders

Burham Water Treatment Works Final Enforcement Order Consultation SRN-2022-00001


Otterbourne works and supply system SRN 3698

Testwood works SRN 3911

Service reservoirs SRN 3923

Rownhams, Alvington High and Brading water supply zones SRN 3924

Public Health Training and Culture SRN 3925

All groundwater treatment works SRN 3926

Brighton Catchment SRN-2018-00007 V2

Thanet North SRN-2018-00008 V2

Worthing Catchment SRN-2018-00009 V2

Test and Itchen Groundwater catchment SRN-2018-00010 V2

Timsbury works SRN-2018-00011

Twyford works SRN-2018-00012

Patching works SRN-2018-00013 V3

Sandown Shanklin works SRN-2018-00020 V4

Hardham works SRN-2018-00021

North Kent Catchment SRN-2018-00029 V2

Thanet Mid-South Catchment SRN-2018-00030 V2

Patcham works SRN-2018-00032 V4

Brighton works SRN-2018-00033 V2

Burham works and Medway supply system SRN-2019-00007

Thanet supply system SRN-2020-00003 V4

Cocking Hill Water Supply Reservoir SRN-2020-00006 V2

Brede and Beauport works SRN-2020-00007

Weirwood Forest Row works SRN-2022-00002 V2

Cooks Castle Shanklin WSR SRN-2022-00004 V1

Yew Hill WSR SRN-2022-00006 V1


Beauport, Brede, Burham, Hardham, Testwood, and Weirwood works SRN-2019-00006

Whole Company Data undertaking SRN-2019-00008

Chlorine Booster Stations SRN-2019-00003

SES Bulk Import SRN-2021-00002


Notice Reference: SRN-2021-00003

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