Thames Water Improvement Programmes


Risk from Flooding TMS 3892

Turbidity TMS 3912

All Sites Cryptosporidium TMS 3952

London Slow Sand Filter Works TMS 3966

Netley Mill works TMS-2019-00003 V5

Procedures and Documentation TMS-2020-00001

Risk Assessment and Resilience TMS-2020-00003

Training and Competency TMS-2020-00004

Farnborough Service Reservoir Chain TMS-2021-00002

Interstage Asset Ingress TMS-2021-00003

Service Reservoirs Turnover and Chlorine Residual TMS-2021-00004

Clatford works TMS-2021-00005 V3

Tanks Inspection and Cleaning TMS-2022-00001

Epping Forest TMS-2022-00003 V2

Baunton Water Treatment Works, Cryptosporidium and Turbidity Risk TMS-2022-00004 V1

West Wickham Water Treatment Works, Cryptosporidium and Turbidity Risk TMS-2022-00005 V1

Wilmington Water Treatment Works, Cryptosporidium Risk TMS-2022-00006 V1

Chinnor works turbidity risk TMS-2022-00007 V2

Lullingstone works turbidity risk TMS-2022-00008 V2

Streatham works turbidity risk TMS-2022-0009 V1

Ashbury Hill service reservoir Inspect and Clean TMS-2022-00010 V1

Sezincote service reservoir Inspect and Clean TMS-2022-00012 V1

Hampton WTW, Contact Tanks Inspection, Remediation and Cleaning TMS-2023-00001 V1


Coppermills, Chingford South, Farmoor, Swinford, Fobney, Hornsey, Shalford, Walton, Hampton, Ashford and Kempton works TMS-2019-00002

Bulk Imports Metaldehyde TMS-2020-00006

Enforcement Orders

Sampling Shortfall – TMS-2022-00013


Notice Reference: TMS-2021-00006

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