Thames Water Improvement Programmes


Risk from Flooding TMS 3892

Turbidity TMS 3912

All Sites Cryptosporidium TMS 3952

Sheeplands works TMS 3958 (V3)

London Slow Sand Filter Works TMS 3966

Netley Mill works TMS-2019-00003

Procedures and Documentation TMS-2020-00001

Risk Assessment and Resilience TMS-2020-00003

Training and Competency TMS-2020-00004

Farnborough Service Reservoir Chain TMS-2021-00002

Interstage Asset Ingress TMS-2021-00003

Service Reservoirs Turnover and Chlorine Residual TMS-2021-00004

Clatford works TMS-2021-00005 V3

Tanks Inspection and Cleaning TMS-2022-00001

Epping Forest TMS-2022-00003 V2

Baunton Water Treatment Works, Cryptosporidium and Turbidity Risk TMS-2022-00004 V1

West Wickham Water Treatment Works, Cryptosporidium and Turbidity Risk TMS-2022-00005 V1

Wilmington Water Treatment Works, Cryptosporidium Risk TMS-2022-00006 V1

Chinnor works turbidity risk TMS-2022-00007 V2

Lullingstone works turbidity risk TMS-2022-00008 V1

Streatham works turbidity risk TMS-2022-0009 V1

Ashbury Hill service reservoir Inspect and Clean TMS-2022-00010 V1

Sezincote service reservoir Inspect and Clean TMS-2022-00012 V1


Coppermills, Chingford South, Farmoor, Swinford, Fobney, Hornsey, Shalford, Walton, Hampton, Ashford and Kempton works TMS-2019-00002

Bulk Imports Metaldehyde TMS-2020-00006

Enforcement Orders

Sampling Shortfall – TMS-2022-00013


Notice Reference: TMS-2021-00006

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