Yorkshire Water Improvement Programmes


Tophill Low No 2 Water Treatment Works YKS-2018-00001 v3

AMP 7 Fixby Water Treatment Works YKS-2018-00002 v5

Oldfield Water Treatment Works YKS-2018-00003 v1

Sladen Valley Water Treatment Works YKS-2018-00004 v1

Chellow Heights Water Treatment Works YKS-2018-00005 v3

Embsay Water Treatment Works YKS-2018-00006 v1

Yorkshire Water Supply Zone YKS-2019-00001 v1

Yorkshire Water Treated Water and Through Process Tank Inspections YKS-2021-00002 v2

Sheffield Discolouration YKS-2022-00004 v1

Water Treatment Works Control Systems YKS-2022-00005 v2

Ingbirchworth Works Manganese and Raw Water Monitoring YKS-2022-00006 v1

Thorne and Hatfield Water Supply Zone Lead YKS-2022-00007 v1

AMP8 East Ness WTW Microbiology YKS-2023-00004 v2

AMP8 Doncaster Boreholes Nitrates and Microbiology YKS-2023-00005 v1

AMP8 Haisthorpe WTW Nitrates YKS-2023-00006 v1

AMP8 Ingbirchworth Works Taste, Odour and Algae YKS-2023-00007 v1


Yorkshire Water Metaldehyde and Total Pesticides at Water Treatment Works YKS-2019-00002 v2


Notice Reference: YKS-2022-00001 v2

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