• Drinking Water 2021 published

    Drinking Water 2021 is the 32nd report published by the Drinking Water Inspectorate and covers public water supplies in England and Wales.

  • Publication of Information Letter 03/2022

    Information Letter 03/2022 PFAS guidance has been published.

  • News report of poliovirus in London sewage

    Poliovirus from vaccines has been detected in environmental samples in London.  Thames Water have confirmed that no drinking water is abstracted from the affected stretch of river.  Conventional drinking water treatment provides a multi barrier approach including the removal of viruses, and inactivation of pathogens by disinfection.  Treatment is highly effective at inactivating poliovirus, and […]

  • Press Release – Southern Water fined for drinking water offence

    The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) have issued a Press Release after sentencing took place yesterday in the case taken by DWI against Southern Water, at Hove Crown Court. The charges were brought by the DWI against Southern Water for failure to comply with Regulation 31(2) of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2016 (as amended). […]

  • StreamLine

    We are excited to launch StreamLine, the regulatory advice service for innovators and businesses in England and Wales. StreamLine is run jointly by the Drinking Water Inspectorate, the Environment Agency and Ofwat to support innovation and provide advice to help innovators and businesses understand and navigate through water sector regulations.

  • Catchment

  • Publication of Information Letter 02/2022

    Information Letter 02/2022 Reporting of Taste Results has been published.

  • Coronavirus and Private Water Supplies sampling and Risk Assessment

    Questions have been raised by local authorities in connection with arrangements for carrying out sampling and risk assessment duties on private water supplies in light of these restrictions. The following information constitutes non-statutory advice and replaces any previous advice provided by the Drinking Water Inspectorate with respect to Coronavirus. It remains for local authorities to […]

  • Advice Letter 01/22 Notification of changes to transitional list of products/substances permitted for use in private water supplies

    An advice letter 01/22 on changes to the transitional list of products/substances permitted for use in private water supplies has been issued.

  • DWI redesignated as a WHO Collaborating Centre for a further four years

    The Inspectorate is a World Health Organisation Collaboration Centre for Drinking Water Safety, and has been redesignated for a further four years to January 2026. Further details can be found on Our Work webpage