The Drinking Water Inspectorate welcomes information from whistleblowers who may wish to report concerns relating to wrongdoing in relation to the quality and sufficiency of water supply and the security of network and information systems in the drinking water supply sector in England and Wales. 

Whistleblowers do not have to be directly employed by the water company, they could be agency staff or contractors and those not yet employed but undergoing training. 

Protections for Whistleblowers

The Chief Inspector of Drinking Water and Inspectors appointed under section 86(1) of the Water Industry Act 1991 are ‘prescribed persons’ under the Prescribed Persons Order 2014 as amended (the Order).  

In general terms, the effect of the Order is that persons passing on information concerning wrongdoing (referred to as “whistleblowing”) should not suffer detriment or victimisation from their employers. 

Any person making a qualifying disclosure to us will receive the protections afforded under the Order and the Employment Rights Act 1996. 

We treat all disclosures made by whistleblowers sensitively and seriously. We follow up each disclosure with an appropriate investigation. We will protect the identity of an individual making an allegation wherever possible. However, in certain circumstances we may be required to reveal the identity, if required by law.  

To get in touch with the Inspectorate you can contact us by phone or email: 

0330 041 6501 or dwi.enquiries@defra.gov.uk 

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