How to resolve water quality issues

If you have concerns about your drinking water supply, you should contact the water company in the first instance. A list of water companies in England and Wales and their contact numbers can be found here. They should be able to give you some advice and test the water if necessary. They will also provide you with a summary of the water quality in your area free of charge on request.

If you have already contacted them and are not satisfied with their response, please contact the Drinking Water Inspectorate on 0300 068 6400. One of our inspectors will investigate the matter with the water company on your behalf and inform you of the outcome.

Our inspectors request a full report on your complaint from the water company and will decide whether the company need to take any further action. This takes a minimum of 10 working days but may be longer for more complicated issues.

Water testing

If you want your water tested you can try the environmental health office at the local authority, although it is unlikely this will be done free of charge.

You can have the water tested privately for which there will be a charge. You can find your nearest approved laboratory here.

General information on water quality can be found in our annual report.

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