(FAQ10) The use of reworked/recycled materials


The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) accepts that in many cases good manufacturing practice and economic considerations lead to the practice of using reworked/recycled materials in the manufacture of thermoplastics products ranging from pipes and their fittings and ancillaries, to thermoplastics elastomer (TPE) seals.

For example

BS:EN 12201[1] includes the statement –

“Clean reprocessable material generated from a manufacturer’s own production and works testing of products to EN 12201 may be used if it is derived from the same compound as used for the relevant production.  Reprocessable material obtained from external sources and recyclable material shall not be used.”
Clause 4.3 of prEN 12201-1 (Use of reprocessable and recyclable material)

The only reworked/recycled material acceptable for use in products in contact with water intended for human consumption under the relevant regulations shall meet ALL of the following requirements –

  • Be derived solely from the production line for the final product for which approval is sought, and
  • Be subject to no change whatsoever (e.g. addition on any ingredients) and only subject to minimal processing, e.g. re-grinding, and
  • Be under the full control of the manufacturer at all times, e.g. shall have been within the specific product manufacturing facilities at all time.

The use of any other reworked/recycled material, including that from other production lines or sources, is not acceptable for consideration under Regulation 31 (4)(a).

[1] Plastics piping system for water supply: Polyethylene (PE)

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