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Reg 31 Letters

Occasionally the Drinking Water Inspectorate uses Reg 31 letters to communicate with the water industry, applicants and other relevant parties.

Ion Exchange Resins – Update 2

Notice of Atlantis Hydrotec – TM series

Revocation of Product Approval for Bluetop

Ion Exchange Resins update

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have provided the following answers to frequently asked questions about Regulation 31 :

FAQ1 – How do I apply for approval of my products?

FAQ2 – What claims can I make about my approved products?

FAQ3 – Can the DWI enter into a confidentiality agreement concerning product ingredients?

FAQ4 – What products can be approved for use with drinking water?

FAQ5 – How can I check whether a product is approved for use with drinking water supplies?

FAQ6 – Can I apply for approval of my process?

FAQ7 – Do products used in contact with treatment chemicals need to be approved under Regulations?

FAQ8 – Can approval be given for products used with private water supplies?

FAQ9 – Can bitumen containing products be approved for use with drinking water supplies?

FAQ10 – Can reworked or recycled materials be approved?

FAQ11 –What are the requirements concerning the use of metallic products with brackish water intended for treatment for human consumption?

FAQ12 – The use of products for emergency disinfection of public water supplies

FAQ14 – Product formulation details and material safety data sheets (MSDS)

FAQ16 – How can I apply to use a product for research purposes?

FAQ17 – Can a product be approved for use solely with untreated water intended for human consumption?

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