Reg 31 approval

Does your product require Reg 31 approval?

Reg 31(4)(a) products

Follow the stages below to learn how you get approval and details of how to do this.

  1. Step1What is the market for your product?

    A. Products used by water companies

    Regulation 31 applies, go to step 2.


    B. Products used in private water supply

    You do not require approval under Regulation 31.

    Please see PWS section


    C. Products used within a property boundary

    You do not require approval under Regulation 31.

    Learn more


  2. Step2Approval for Products used by water companies

    DWI have transitioned from our forms based application process, to our online portal. Please use the portal for all applications, except for change applications (for the time being). Note, we are aware that some applicants are not seeing all their products when logging into the portal. A fix is being worked on, but if you cannot see your product and wish to submit a reapproval, please do so manually by emailing the application for to 

    Follow this guidance on registering to use it. If you have ever held an approval, please contact us for the known facts that we already have set up for your organisation.

    What is your product category?

    Low contact product (Regulation 31 (4)(b)) (e.g. pumps, valves, connectors…). See Advice sheet 8

    Chemicals conforming to BSEN treatment chemical standards


    View full list of approval forms

  3. Step3Other information

Reg 31(4)(b) products

Advice sheet 8

Approved Laboratories

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