(FAQ17) Can a product be approved solely with untreated water intended for human consumption?


If you wish to place a product on the market for sale to drinking water suppliers for sole use with untreated water, up to the point of treatment, you can make a formal application to the Inspectorate for limited approval – see below for the information required. You should note that –

  1. if limited approval is given for use solely before treatment, all approval notification and listing will make this clear.
  2. any limited approval granted will be on the basis of a specific water treatment process downstream of the proposed use of the product in contact with untreated water.
  3. if full approval for use during or after the point of treatment is subsequently required, a further application, together with additional testing, will normally be required.

Information required

You should prepare an application for approval following the advice given in our Frequently Asked Question “How do I apply for approval” (FAQ1). In addition you must provide a detailed explanation of where the product will be used, how it will be used, and the water treatment process(es) that will be used downstream of the product.

Test requirements

Usually these will be less demanding than for applications for full approval. However, please note point 3 above.

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