South West Water Improvement Programmes


Restormel works SWT-2018-00002

Discolouration SWT-2018-00004

St Cleer works SWT-2018-00003

Littlehempston works SWT-2018-00005

Stithians works SWT-2018-00006

Prewley works and supply system SWB-2021-00009

Service reservoir and tank inspection SWB-2020-00009

Scientific Investigations SWB-2020-00010

Maintenance and Resilience Hazard Review SWB-2020-00002

Alderney Works Replacement Treatment Process SWB-2021-00008

Knapp Mill Works Replacement Treatment Process SWB-2021-00010

Alderney Water Treatment Works Disinfection Improvements SWB-2020-00007

Knapp Mill Treatment Works Disinfection Improvements SWB-2020-00008

Isles of Scilly (South West Water Ltd) Notices*

* Water supplies on the Isles of Scilly became public supplies on 01 April 2020. South West Water Ltd has the operating licence for these supplies. These improvement programmes represent work being undertaken by South West Water Ltd to secure wholesome public water supplies on the Islands.

St Agnes Water Quality Improvements ISC-2021-00006

St Martins Water Quality Improvements ISC-2021-00007

St Marys Water Quality Improvements ISC-2021-00008

Tresco Water Quality Improvements ISC-2021-00009

Bryher Water Quality Improvements ISC-2021-00010


Notice Reference: SWB-2021-00011

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