United Utilities Water Improvement Programmes

Enforcement Orders

Vyrnwy LDTM UUT-2020-00002

Vyrnwy LDTM UUT-2020-00002 Schedule


Prenton Lower service reservoir UUT3480 V5

Treated water storage tanks UUT3563 V6

All treatment works UUT3574 V6

Hodder water treatment works UUT3692 V2

Laneshaw water treatment works UUT-2018-00004 V4

Mitchells water treatment works UUT-2018-00005 V4

Huntington works UUT-2019-00003 V4

Oswestry treatment works UUT-2020-00003 V3

Prescot North and South Reservoir UUT-2021-00002 V1

Franklaw works Shutdown / Start-up to waste UUT-2021-00004 V2

Policy, Procedures, Standards and Training UUT-2021-00006 V2

Watchgate Water Treatment Works UUT3948 V3

Castle Carrock WTW UUT-2018-00003 V3

Rivington WTW UUT-2018-00006 V2

Consumer Acceptability – Discolouration UUT-2020-00005 V3


Notice Reference: UUT-2021-00005

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